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"Let me be perfectly clear: beauty is not pain. It’s just beauty, and it comes in many forms and changes over the course of a lifetime."

Pure Life

Fall 2020

Kiesha Yokers is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, educator, and clean beauty advocate who strives to provide relatable content to those who wish to lower their toxic load and live a healthy, joy-filled life. She provides coaching, educational content, product guides, and other resourceful wellness and lifestyle content to inform and empower her readers. Kiesha's passion is to help women navigate the world of holistic and low-tox living without all the confusion that can commonly come along with the journey. 

Kiesha has worked alongside brands like Beautycounter, The Honest Company, Hello Bello, Brand Basics, and Primally Pure, and creates an array of video, blog, and unique social content.

To contact Kiesha for potential collaborations, email kiesha@greenandwell.co.

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