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I said that I would never sell anything to anyone. I am not someone who sells things. I'm a helper by nature. I look for the people around me who need help, and I show up.

I am also a teacher by nature {and profession}. My lifelong love of learning is propelled by my desire to emblazon those around me with knowledge.

 That was me. 

Ever say "NEVER" to something only to turn around and do that very thing?

"Undiagnosed infertility, possibly due to environmental factors or other unknown reasons" is what the doctor told me. 
I was devastated. 
I'd always assumed that I would have babies easily — as if it was a rite of passage — but I quickly learned that many women suffer through the pain and hardship of infertility. Like those women, I started to research everything I could to boost my fertility, starting with what I put in and on my body.
I was then introduced to Beautycounter through a friend and have never looked back because I found the holy freaking grail of products! Seriously. They deliver on a few key promises: they’re safer, higher-performing, and totally transparent about the ingredients used.
Initially, when my dear friend, Caitlin, asked me to join the movement with her, I said, "NO WAY!" but I continued to shop with her for another eight months. It was then that I learned that women of color carry a significantly higher toxic load than their lighter-skinned sisters. At that point, I decided I had to do something about it, so I joined the clean beauty revolution and NEVER LOOKED BACK.
In Beautycounter, I was able to merge my love of health, beauty, and advocacy into a real job that paid. Since starting in 2018, I have evolved into a woman who started a wellness site, went back to school for holistic wellness, started a business, and successfully coached women to do the same — all from my computer {while having two small kids and a husband who goes wherever the Navy sends him}. All it took was a little bit of courage and a three-letter word, “YES”! Won’t you join me?

My beautycounter story


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