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Black-Owned Clean Beauty Brands at Target

Do I have the list for you. I have discovered 10 clean beauty black-owned brands that you may never have heard of, and I am excited to share them.


I know that companies are looking to “pull up” and feature more black-owned brands, models, influencers, and content creators to show that they are taking action in the wake of the protests of 2020. I can tell you from experience that I have been contacted by companies looking to use my services to represent their brand (often for NO money, but that is a WHOLE other story).


Target is a brand that has made visible efforts to diversify its offerings from Black-owned or founded companies. I am always on the lookout for Black-owned non-toxic brands. Target has committed to spending more than 2 billion with black-owned businesses by 2025. I hope they make this happen as black creators and entrepreneurs have much to offer.


a word on “non-toxic”


Everyone defines non-toxic VERY differently. There is much debate about what this truly means. The personal care industry is riddled with false claims and greenwashing- a term to describe a company using misleading language to lead customers to believe that their product is environmentally conscious or safer/non-toxic. These are terms that are unregulated by any governing body, making it up to the consumer to do their homework about what these words mean.

Here are some of the most frequently used terms (all unregulated, btw)



clean, conscious





Personally. I prioritize products that do not list the word fragrance on the label. According to a loophole in the Fair Packaging & Labelling Act, a company can hide hundreds of ingredients under that term to keep their formula proprietary. For me, that doesn’t work.

You have to define what is best for you. 


Don’t know where to start learning about what non-toxic means? The EWG is a great place to start. Check out this guide here


Target uses these labels on its products online and in-store. Be aware that “clean” means different things to different people.

Image from Target


*Final note:  Using the EWG app or Think Dirty App can help get you started on evaluating products and their ingredient profiles.  A product line has many products and the more you know about the brand’s standards, the easier it will be for you to decide if the brand is for you.

 In the meantime, here are some of the brands I love.


the list 










The Honey Pot Company features plant-based wipes, washes, bath bombs, pads, liners, tampons, and menstrual cups.












Golde makes antioxidant-rich face masks and vibrant superfood blends to boost your daily drink rituals.












Alaffia made in my home state of Washington, this brand boasts multiple awards for creating products you can trust for the whole family while giving a portion of their profits to empower community projects in West Africa.











Black Girl Sunscreen is it, y’all. This industry-disrupting company is dispelling the dangerous myth that people with an abundance of melanin do not need sunscreen. If you are a person of color, you know that most mineral sunscreens create a purple cast on your skin, making sunscreen a pain to rub in and more than an annoyance to look purple while soaking up the sun. This sunscreen melts into my skin in seconds, and guess what color I was immediately after? My God-given, melanin-dripping shade of brown. Like I said, game changing.












Camille Rose (Not all products) This particular part of the Camille Rose line uses some beautiful plant-based ingredients to soften and strengthen hair.












Eu’Genia Shea Butter is available online. This is a truly clean brand that is super effective, boasting 60x the amount of shea butter. Makes a wonderful gift for a mama to be!












Mented Cosmetics create make-up that looks GREAT on dark skin (which is not easy to find). All lipsticks are vegan, paraben-free, non-toxic, cruelty-free, and proudly made in the USA.












Rosen skincare is creating the next generation of acne care with real results. These products are made with the community in mind. Seriously, check out their amazing results.












Jaq’s Skincare is formulated with Papaya, Moringa, Rosemary, and Lime for powerful and refreshing, made for all skin types.












Beauty Bakerie cooks up food-inspired skincare and cosmetics.






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