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How to make a grazeboard

Coming in clutch this 4th of July Weekend!

Graze board, charcuterie board, snack board

No matter what you call them, they could not be easier. Graze boards {otherwise known as charcuterie boards} are all the rage on the gram. You can find hundreds of accounts full of colorfully bright and luscious boards. The basics are simple. I will lay out everything you need to know to create a beautifully appealing board that will impress even the most bougie of friends.

My sweet friend first introduced me to the styling of graze boards, and from there, I took off. I make them every time we have company, I bring them to parties, and in the summer, I make a kid version that the kids can eat off of for the day. Mama gets tired of being in the kitchen all day!


Here are some of my favorite graze board accounts

cheats and meeses – {my DC friend who taught me how to make the magic happen}

the graze company

the mia milarder

The steps:

  1. Use a cutting board or lazy susan for the base {I adore using this one here}
  2. Make a plan for savory, or sweet, or a combo of both.
  3. Use what you have…you don’t have to spend a ton of money.
  4. The goal is to make it look VERY full. Even if you think you have enough, you probably need more.
  5. Lay the foundation with the big things like fresh and dried fruit, veggies, and dips. I try and use cute coordinated bowls to create a cohesive look. I aim to add 1 to 2 dips or nuts and little treats.
  6. Chose seedless bite-size items. Grapes and olives are perfect but best when seedless.
  7. When you use meat, make sure to fluff them up. You want the board to be full and inviting.
  8. Cheese needs to be cut. Make it easy for people to grab. Don’t make people cut cheese themselves.
  9. Open the fruit up and show the parts. My friend Pamela calls them “lady parts.”
  10. Layer flowers and herbs on top.

more ideas: crackers, pretzels, chips, all the veggies, chocolate-covered nuts, honeycomb {my absolute favorite thing to use-it’s gorgeous}, jerky…the possibilities are endless!


make it artful. make it simple. you can’t go wrong.


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