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Guide to Eco-friendly party supplies

Party season is upon us, and honestly, Prince had it right when he said he would party like it’s 1999. After last year, I’m so ready. With in-person get-togethers taking place, party supplies are in demand once again. But that means a lot of waste.


Did you know that most party supplies cannot be recycled?


Think about all of the party supplies we use at work, school, and home parties. That waste adds up.  According to the EPA, landfills received 29.2 million tons (19.9 percent of total landfilling)  of these non-durable goods in 2018.

Single-use plastic is a huge problem, and we see the impact on our environment in the way of micro-plastics.

Most of these non-durable goods are made of plastic, and we know that plastic never truly goes away. These microplastics infiltrate our waterways, wild and marine life…and our own bodies.


Ways to reduce your party waste

go paperless for invitations {invites are darling, but no one cares about them like you do}

eliminate food waste {use this party planning calculator}

use mason jars

reusable straws

beeswax wraps

use glass storage like this gorgeous set 

Stasher bags

Solar LED Lanterns

potted flowers/plants


cloth napkins

compost leftover food

save/freeze leftovers

serve food on wood cutting boards

beeswax candles

Sustainable party supplies

price guide

$ affordable

$$ moderate

$$$ high-end

1. VerTerra

based in: Philadelphia, PA

best for: Sturdy, compostable, biodegradable plates and cutlery in various sizes and quantities.

price range: $$








2. Green Paper Products 

based in: Highland Heights, OH

best for: Consider this your new party store. Green Paper Products is committed to providing the highest quality biodegradable, compostable and eco-friendly tableware and foodservice products.

price range: $

Classic eco-friendly wooden spoons that would look great at any party.









3. Lush New York 

based in: Eastchester, New York

best for: Truly stylish coordinated party sets.

price range: $$

Sustainable glam from Lush New York makes me want to throw a fête!










4. Green Party Goods

based in: Burlingame, California

best for: Fun, playful, out-of-the-ordinary party supplies. Biodegradable latex balloons

price range: $$
























5. Eco Party Time

based in: Montgomeryville, PA

best for: A one-stop shop for all of your party needs.

price range:  $-$$$

The biodegradable confetti that you didn’t know you need.










6. Meri Meri

based in: UK based

best for:  If you are looking for truly imaginative pieces, you will find them here.

price range: $$$









7. Green Party Goods

based in: Burlingame, California

best for: A large inventory of darling planet-friendly products for any occasion.

price range: $$









8. Susty Party

based in: Brooklyn, NY

best for: Beautiful, sustainable, compostable party tableware and home goods. All products are made in partnership with non-profit factories that employ and empower people with disabilities, visual impairments, or support a charitable cause by donating proceeds.

price range: $










9. Aardvark Straws

based in: Ft Wayne, IN

best for: Aardvark is a trusted name in recyclable paper products with tons of darling options and styles.

price range: $$










10. Ship Party Return

based in: Austin, Texas

best for: The most daring and thoughtful party in a box. Biodegradable options are available. They also have rent and return services.

price range: $$









11. Botanical Paperworks

based in: Winnipeg, Manitoba

best for: Products made from post-consumer waste, these green greetings and banners are embedded with seeds that will sprout into beautiful wildflowers when planted.

price range: $$$










Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links, and I will earn a commission if you purchase through these links. Please note that I’ve linked to these products purely because I recommend them, and they are from companies I trust. There is no additional cost to you.

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