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Bulletproof Coffee, Kombucha, Matcha Lattes + easy drink DIYs

When I ask you to name a trendy drink seen all over Instagram, what comes to mind?

Bulletproof coffee?

Bone Broth?




All of the above would be correct, and while all of these seem relatively new, the truth is we see a rebirth of some ancient remedies.


According to one of my favorite Matcha Guide Books {Flint, Kavaliunas} shares the origins of these “trendy” libations.

Using Matcha, I made this brief history infographic with proper attribution to the drink’s origins.


So if you know me well, you know that my go-to is matcha {my primary source}. I am also a big fan of bone broth and make it weekly. While Instagram and other “famous wellness gurus” would have you think these drinks are new on the block, most of them originate in parts of Asia and have been used medicinally for thousands of years.

Let’s talk about cost. Your regular matcha or Bulletproof latte can cost around $6, while a to-go cup of bone broth may run you $9. The wellness industry is no dummy, and they would LOVE to charge you a fortune for these health elixirs with promises of healing your gut lining to giving you mega bursts of energy.


But the best-kept secret is that it’s crazy cheap to make these yourself.

Realize that it takes a minute to learn how to make the drink and then make it to your taste, but you’ll never look back when you’ve got it. Investing in the right tools and quality ingredients will set you up for long-term savings and a better-tasting product.

Check out this round-up of DIYs.


  1. Matcha Latte by Just One Cookbook
  2. Kombucha by the kitchn
  3. Bulletproof Coffee by Nyssa’s Kitchen
  4. Switchel by Simply Recipes 
  5. Bone Broth by Raising Generation Nourished
  6. Juicing by Plants and Pairings 

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