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It’s not too late to spring clean your toxins.

I was recently introduced to two brilliant + funny renaissance women who host a podcast called Incense + Whiskey. The Incense + Whiskey podcast is a place for women to experience mindfulness and a range of wellness topics. These lovely hosts, wellness enthusiasts, and verified whiskey lovers, Mecca and Ashley, discuss all the random topics they love, from mindfulness to memes. Incense+Whiskey is published bi-weekly.


Ever wonder what toxic load means and why you should care? In this episode, I give the beginner a place to start and the advanced toxin warrior some insider tips from cleaning to personal care products that you have likely never heard of before. 


Listen, these two are so much fun to listen to; they make you feel like you are their long-time bestie. This conversation is insightful, fun, and full of empowerment for your low tox health journey. And at the end of each episode, they do these monstrously entertaining segments that intersect pop culture and history. 

In this episode, we played a game called “Fire and Ice.” Ashley serves up some pop quiz questions like: 

Sister Souljah and Maya Angelou wrote a book; what is it called? 

Or Madam CJ Walker and Erykah Badu came together to make an essential oil company; what would they name it? 

You’ll have to listen to hear the answers.

a little black history, a lot of laughs.

so. much. fun.




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