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6 steps to low-tox living

Low tox living seems to be making the rounds on the pages of some pretty big influencers, and I am not mad about it. It may be obvious, but tox means toxin, and this is a topic that we really should be talking about. 

Let me start by saying, my approach is to start basic and build. 

When I first got into the world of clean living, I felt two things. 

1}. First, I needed to get rid of everything in my house in exchange for “clean” versions, RIGHT NOW!

2}. The second was a belief that if I lived a clean and holistic life, I ensured myself health and wellness insurance that would protect me from anything bad happening.


That couldn’t have been further from the truth. 

After completing my training as a health coach {through Integrative Nutrition, IIN}, I continued to learn. By taking countless continuing education courses and reading some pretty dry research… 

I now know that if you want to make a sustainable change in your life, you must take it one step at a time.



Let me share with you my basic tenents of a clean lifestyle-

1. I am in charge of my health. I may not be a medical expert, but I am an expert at being me. No doctor or other health practitioner knows more about me than myself. My job is to communicate my experiencehealth historyexpectations, questions, and desires to my team of health professionals. I am the leader of this team.


2. I believe in listening to the wisdom of the ages, Eastern and Western medicine, my ancestor’s knowledge, and my gut. When we {women, especially} learn to trust our guts, we take our health into their own hands.


3. No amount of low tox living can promise you a life free of health issues. While it is a critical step in lowering your toxic load, you cannot control all of your environmental, social, physiological, and emotional factors that influence toxicity. 


4. The objective of low-tox living is to fill my body, home, and family with the best that I can. We live in a toxin-filled world, and while science shows the correlation between toxicity and adverse health outcomes, I can help mitigate many of these issues but choosing cleaner, safer, better, and in many cases, slower options.


5. The best way to start is by taking an inventory of my life and addressing one section at a time. Once I have achieved some level of success and understanding, I can take on another. 


6. While I do not have the power to change everything, I know that my actions can make a huge difference in my body and the environment.


We are both deeply connected.

Remember, the goal is sustainability, not perfection.

Over the coming weeks, I will be delivering you some pretty important content on toxic load. My goal is to empower you to follow your gut and take a chance on yourself. 

This is your moment, no matter how far you are on the low-tox living scale, to deepen your level of understanding and create more space for true wellness in your life.


I promise you; you deserve it.


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