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Playhouse Remodel + Mental Health


the pandemic

At the start of the pandemic, I needed something to do…baaaad! We had just moved from DC to LA, and a neighbor offered to give us a playhouse they never got around to using. I’ve always loved working with wood, and I had spent hours searching for the playhouse of my dreams my kid’s dreams {see the spooky Halloween version, here}.

Working with my hands allowed me to feel some sense of control in a world that was unrecognizable to me. It gave me something to look forward to, something to feel joy about. It reminded me that I could create pockets of happiness in our crumbling world.

It’s just a playhouse. Yet it’s so much more. It got creativity out of me during a time of trauma. It allowed me time to listen to funny/inspiring podcasts like Brene Brown and Malcolm Gladwell. It pushed me not to numb out watching Netflix. I’m grateful to this house, and because May is Mental Health Awareness, I am just checking in on you.

the house

I knew I wanted something white, bright, and modern. Boy, I love how it turned out, and I love how much the kids like to play and read in it.

I love that I can style it up and change it throughout the seasons.

There are so many ways to spruce up a playhouse, and I did this on the cheap. The house was free. I bought the paint, shopped the house a bit, and bought a few accessories. I’ve linked everything you need to create your kid’s dream house below.

I won’t judge if it becomes your she-shed.





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