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clean beauty swaps for 2021

It’s 2021, and you want to make some clean beauty swaps but don’t know where to begin.

Don’t worry — I have you covered. I’ve comprised a list of products that perform well with safer ingredients. And the good news is that swapping products doesn’t have to be rocket science using apps like EWG’s Healthy Living and the Think Dirty app … in addition to your girl here.

One thing people always ask me is, do these products really work?


The answer is yes and no. Not all non-toxic brands are higher performing, but not all conventional brands are either. Yes, clean beauty can REALLY perform. It’s not one size fits all. You may prefer one department store brand to another, but you only know that because you have tried them. And obviously, you have to try products to see what you like. That is why I work in clean beauty.


Whether you choose my preferred brand or not, I LOVE discovering {AND USING} various truly clean, transparent brands that ask two things and deliver on them: Is it safer? Is it higher performing?


One note: Greenwashing is real by using healthy-sounding terms like non-toxic and all-natural. Even the word clean is deceiving. But these terms are NOT regulated by the FDA or any other qualified organization, so anyone can slap on a “clean” label to make you think you are doing better.


The good news: There are many peer-reviewed studies conducted by the most respected institutions to support the elimination of chemicals of concern.


See the Berkley Hermosa Study

I ultimately BELIEVE that clean needs to be defined by you because there may be some ingredients that I am comfortable using that you are not. It’s up to you to be informed, do your research, and decide what works for you.


It’s also true that what works for you today may not work next year. This is a journey, not a race. Don’t let people get snobby and judgey with you. That is why my approach to anything wellness-related is to learn, consider, test, decide, and reevaluate as needed. Finances, family needs, and changes to research are all factors in our lives that determine what we can do at any given time.

I feel like no one is talking about this need for flexibility, and that is why I want you to know that I am HERE for clean beauty. I love it! BUT what I am really here for is a non-judgmental, truly life-giving journey.

Here is a master list of brands you will love for years to come. I’ve also included black-owned brands {look for my black-owned label below}!


face oil:



{brightening, plumping, balancing oil}

Healthy-looking skin starts with products that are formulated with clean, effective ingredients. Meet the results-driven essentials that hydrate, refresh, and rejuvenate.

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True Botanicals

Pure Radiance Oil

This face oil is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increase hydration levels

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Dirt Don’t Hurt

Hydrate + Glow Face Oil

All-natural earth + plant-based Rose face oil, it was formulated with just that in mind. It is 100% Vegan + Cruelty-Free and has zero parabens, preservatives, or additives.

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suki suki naturals

Rosehip Brightening Facial Oil

The sun’s UV rays can damage the skin, resulting in age spots and discoloration. Anti-oxidants found in rosehip oil combat free radicals that cause sun damage.

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lip care: Think of how neglected our lips are. Clean lip balm is the only way to go!



lip conditioner- {Calendula + Peppermint}

Nourish and protect lips with this ultra-moisturizing lip balm, formulated with soothing and softening avocado oil, shea butter, meadowfoam seed oil, and jojoba oil.

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lip conditioner

Nourishes, hydrates and protects dry, cracked lips. Glides on effortlessly without being greasy

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meow meow tweet

vegan lip balm

A dreamy, creamy moisturizing balm in a biodegradable tube.

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body wash:


The Healing Place Apothecary 

Liquid Black African Soap

The Healing Apothecary Liquid Black Soap combines the purifying powers of black soap with the moisture of Shea butter. This unscented face- and body-cleanser is made from mineral-rich, raw black soap.

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Bathing Culture

Mind and Body Wash Refillable Glass

Respect yourself with our naturally radical, certified-organic, all-purpose soap in a 16oz rainbow glass bottle. Available with a plastic pump top, or go plastic-free with a metal cap.

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Body Wash in Citrus Mimosa

Gentle and non-drying with a creamy texture, our refreshing body wash awakens the senses with our energizing citrus mimosa scent while leaving skin feeling clean, soft, and hydrated.

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fragrance :


dirty lavender

Don’t get it twisted, this is not your mama’s lavender… The fragrance is perfect for someone who doesn’t want a “perfumey” fragrance. It’s incredibly neutral, grounding, and fresh, perfectly balancing the masculine and feminine with its bright citruses, crushed herbs, grasses, and wood notes.

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henry rose

Fun fact: This clean perfume company is owned by Michelle Pfeiffer. The first EWG Verified and C2C Certified collection of fine fragrances.

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Green Cedar Eau de Parfum

The unique combination of a twice distilled Texas cedar and wild-harvested Atlas Mountain cedar make for a distinctive, intoxicating fragrance. 1% of Green Cedar revenue goes to supporting the nonprofit Plastic Soup Foundation.

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black girl sunscreen

Black Girl Sunscreen Make It Matte Sunscreen

Sunscreen made by women of color for people of color, because we get sunburned too.

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Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF

Guard against the sun’s damaging rays with this water-resistant sunscreen lotion. Formulated with non-nano zinc and California Poppy, this physical SPF 30 formulation provides an effective shield from UVA and UVB, while being gentle and pleasant feeling on the skin. The smooth, nourishing formula blends evenly onto skin with limited white residue.

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Countersun Daily Sheer Defense For Face – SPF 25

The perfect SPF face moisturizer is here! This sunscreen provides protection from UVA, UVB, and HEV blue light rays, lightweight, fast-absorbing, and easy-to-blend formula designed for all skin tones with no white cast.  It’s oxybenzone-free, octinoxate-free, and reef-friendly

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dew skin tinted moisturizer 

This sheer-coverage tinted moisturizer helps even skin tone as it protects against the sun’s damaging rays with SPF 20 mineral sunscreen. The formula features a blend of black currant seed oil, peony root extract, and vitamin C to help brighten while leaving skin looking radiant. With continued use, the skin will feel firmer and look more luminous.

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the clean deo

This long-lasting, hardworking deodorant neutralizes odor and absorbs sweat to keep you feeling fresh all day, every day. Made without aluminum, it glides on smoothly without leaving white residue and has a fresh rose scent.

***This deo is refillable

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charcoal + magnesium deo

Helps neutralize odor and keep you fresh, enriched with magnesium and activated charcoal.

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An aluminum-free spray deodorant for men and women, formulated with Zinc Ricinoleate and a selection of essential oils to help reduce and mask underarm odor.

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type a


The Visionary is a sweat-activated formula with leafy, subtle citrus and fresh herbal notes that creates a time-release effect for long-lasting protection against odor and wetness

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