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Deo that works!

I want to apologize to my friends, family, + colleagues for years of smelling me while I played the natural deodorant dating game.

I’m sorry.

I know there were some “intense” moments in there, but you hung with me + I finally figured it out.

Detox pits in preparation for your natural deo transition. I use this charcoal mask weekly. Head to today’s insta post for my detox tips.


Clean Deodorant-

I have found my ride or die deodorant + I am super excited to share it with you {right here}. And this deo is refillable + recyclable, cutting its water, fossil fuel, + greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 47%—all big perks.

It can take several weeks for your underarms to detox from the toxins that have been trapped in sweat ducts by antiperspirants, + you might experience a {temporary} odor.

Antiperspirant vs. Deodorant-

Antiperspirants are typically made with aluminum, which stops odor by plugging sweat glands and preventing sweating.

Deodorants don’t prevent sweating but work to neutralize body odor and absorb sweat.

Toxic Ingredients –

Aluminum can potentially clog pores + hinder the body’s natural detoxification process.

There is currently no scientific evidence linking aluminum in antiperspirants to the development of breast cancer.

Fragrance is a big no-no in my book. 5,000k molecules are used to make fragrance, + many of those are classified as allergens, hormone disruptors, asthma triggers, neurotoxins, and carcinogens.

Phthalates are chemicals frequently used to help the scents last longer + can damage the liver, kidney, + reproductive system.

Triclosan is an anti-bacterial chemical that eliminates the bacteria that causes odor. It mimics hormones and interferes with hormone signaling.

•Parabens are a preservative that are absorbed through the skin and acts as a hormone mimicker.


It’s time to Taylor Swift this crap!


If a company needs to hide their ingredients to protect themselves from competitors, they are not putting consumer health first. Boy-bye.


Welcome, Clean Deo!

The Clean Deo comes in three safer scents: Clean Rose, Fresh Coconut, and Soft Lavender. As with all the fragrances Beautycounter uses, they rigorously screened The Clean Deo fragrances for trace contaminants {which are often present in raw materials} to ensure they meet their strict safety standards. All fragrance ingredients are also disclosed on the ingredient list, so you know exactly what is in each one. This is why I LOVE Beautycounter. They have nothing to hide!

•Clean Rose: A modern bouquet of freshly cut roses, with notes of geranium and pepper tree berry. 

•Fresh Coconut: A refreshing blend of tropical coconut, sandalwood, and sweet vanilla.

•Soft Lavender: Soothing notes of lavender.



Have issues with baking soda in the past?

Based on their consumer perception testing, 100% of users said the product is non-irritating. If you have had previous reactions to baking soda, this may not be the product for you. If you have sensitive skin, I recommend a patch test on the inside of your wrist prior to full underarm application.  There is a 60-day no-hassle promise. 

Refill it, baby!

Yes, you can purchase refills with different scents, and they will fit into your existing Deo case. 



Head to the gram to see my top pit detoxing tips!

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