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gift guide- the wellness junkie

For the wellness junkie.

We both know that person who’s always shopping for the Goop-iest of wellness trends. This list will satisfy even the crunchiest of your crunchy friends.

Perfect Attendance: Let’s face it, we aren’t all going to DIY our elderberry syrup {although, I promise it’s easy}. Pop one of these guys to give your immune system the many benefits of elderberries.

Oil Pulling Kit: Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic oral hygiene practice. Think of it like using a mouthwash with real deep cleansing benefits. Now is the perfect time to start this cleansing ritual. 

10-Cup Water Pitcher: Looking for a great way to get your water in and see how far you have to go? This BPA-free pitcher is made from a coconut-shell carbon filter that helps reduce everything from chlorine and mercury to copper and zinc in regular tap water.

Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser: The diffuser to beat them all. I LOVE my stone diffuser. Not only does it fill my living room with my favorite blends of oils, but it also looks great and matches my minimalist decor. No more ugly, cheap, plastic diffusers. 

Acupressure Mat: Acupressure has been used for years in Traditional Chines medicine to reduce stress, ease pain, and promote relaxation. Get the spa experience at home. 

The Well Journal: I am not big into habit tracking because it always feels like one more thing to do in my day. I do, however, love that Well Journal is about your relationship with yourself and your body. 

RiseWell Oral Care: I have done the research; this is my #1 favorite clean toothpaste company. Safe, effective, and a win for the kids. Use code Greenandwell10.

Hilma Natural Remedies: Natural remedies that are backed by science. David and I swear by every one of their products. The tension relief is a natural wonder. I take immune support daily. You won’t find better on the market. Period. Use code greenandwell20

Jetson Probiotics: I will make this simple. You have now found the probiotics you have been looking for. Taking the same strain of bacteria all year long is ineffective. Jetson makes 4 seasonal bottles to meet your body’s unique needs, all year round. You will not regret Jetson. They have easy to take packets for the kiddies and post anti-biotic packs to help repopulate your gut flora. Use code greenandwell35.


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