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Sometimes there are things you want, but tell yourself maybe another time or perhaps when they go on sale. Well, babe, this is your moment. Grab one of these sweet deals for yourself!


Migraine Mask: Unscented lentils fill this hot/cold mask for intense soothing headaches.

Quay Blue Blockers: Let’s face it; you are spending all of your time on a screen. Blue blocking glasses are the new wellness trend that has enormous health implications. Quay has a buy one get one program that is a handsome deal.

Brooklinen Sheets: Brooklinen is an internet favorite. They cut out the middle man to get you a fair price on luxurious sheets. These sheets are manufactured responsibly with top quality materials.

The Lori Tote: Nisolo is one of my favorite companies for beautifully made wares that are intentionally designed, ethically made, + moderately priced. This tote is a classic that will last for years to come. 

Classic Slippers: Parachute makes the coziest pair of slippers to match their classic robe. You can trust Parachute to be an Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified company.

Stasher Bags: Stasher Bags are 30% off! This is the brand of brands for well-made reusable bags {that will last}, and they don’t have many sales, so don’t miss this!

7 American Heirloom Handled Cutting Board – Herringbone: The cutting board that makes Pinterest hot and bothered. Beautifully fashioned from FSC®-certified wood, this cutting board features a herringbone design that will look good as a charcuterie board or statement piece in your kitchen.

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