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friday favorites

Dearly beloved, here we are again heading into another weekend. Covid rates are spiking around the country, and many of us are at our breaking point with covid fatigue. I firmly believe that we need to find a way to spark joy, create peace, and energy for the rest of this year. It’s a marathon, and depending on what day you talk to me, you will get a different version, but each day I still come back to hope. I have hope that things will get better. I have hope for the future. I have hope in what’s to come. It also helps that a BIG FREAKING GLASS CEILING WAS BROKEN LAST WEEK! 


It’s Friday, and I wanted to deliver to you some of the things I am loving/crushing on right now in preparation for black Friday.


Cute masks for the fall…cause masks are now a part of our fashion routine. Thank you anthro.


Want to set your make-up and make your skin glow? This facial mist by Beautycounter.


The most sumptuous make-up sponge on the market, full stop.

I am always on the lookout for sustainably made clothing that looks good. Allbirds are my favorite shoes. The new weather repellant wool mizzles are everything! Made with planet-friendly natural materials, like merino wool and eucalyptus trees.

You may not be attending holiday parties this year but that is no excuse not to turn up. Responsibly sourced mica, buildable coverage, and richly pigmented for those of us who are dripping in melanin {believe me, that is something we have to look for}. These cream shadows are dreamy.

Want to know the secret to beautiful skin? It’s shea butter. I am very picky about my shea, and there is one brand I use religiously, it’s North Shea. Shea butter is rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants. It heals the skin and reduces premature aging. Northshea is dedicated to empowering Ghanaian women living in poverty. Clean beauty that gives back.

Anything from lucky + lovely {my favorite teeshirt shop}, but specifically, this tee. Use code Green&Well15 for 15% off.

My new blue light blockers from DIFF. They have a buy one gift one model, that I love.

If you know me, you know I am a basket freak. Anthro is having a sale this weekend, and I am flirting with this Jasmine Basket. To be specific, Anthro is having a sale on top of their sale, this weekend only. 

Happy shopping loves!

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