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One question – what’s your company doing?

So the truth is, when I love something, I really love it.

In 2015 I started to clean up my make-up and hair products. A friend turned me onto Beautycounter and immediately it hit on two points. The first was that it was affordable and on the high-end side of personal care products. The second was that they were 100% transparent about the ingredients they used {hard to find}.


It took me a minute to figure out what products were right for me {I didn’t know any consultants at the time} but once I found one, I was set straight and here I am a full time clean beauty boss!

The Beautycounter mission is “to get safer products into the hands of everyone,” {not just Beautycounter products, but safer products}. How do they do it? Three ways…

1 {Learn}

Education- By empowering people to learn about what is in their products and how it affects them. We go beyond clean with our commitment to transparency, sustainability, screening, and footprint. Our science advisory council is a who’s who of cutting-edge research lead by renowned doctors and researchers.

2 {Do good}

Advocacy-  Since 2013, we have been building relationships on the Hill, making our way into the halls of Congress and lobbying to create more health-protective laws for the personal care industry. It’s been over 81 years since Congress has passed a personal care product law, and since then, over 81,000 chemicals have been introduced to the market with minimal testing on human health.

Want to talk about impact? We have hosted more than 1,500 meetings with Congress, made 15,000 calls, and 100,000 emails, making cosmetics reform a legislative priority as it should be.

We’ve worked to pass a ton of laws in states around the U.S. Our involvement includes:

Toxic-Free Kids Act {OR}

Safer Sunscreen Bill {HI}

Cleaning Products Right to Know Act {CA}

Safer Salon Bill {CA}

Plastic Microbead Ban {US}

Pollution Prevention for our Future Act {WA}

{oh, and we are oh so close to passing The National Cosmetics Act– a bill to combat greenwashing in the beauty industry}

We are still working on a bipartisan piece of legislation called The Personal Care Products Safety Act and we won’t give up until…well ever!

3 {Buy better beauty}

Products- Prior to 2013, the clean beauty industry wasn’t what it is today. You know why? We started it. We are the leaders in clean. Beautycounter creates the safest and highest performing products on the market, full stop. Think whole foods + Channel having a baby, and that’s Beautycounter.

We are committed to

-source responsibly

-screen rigorously

-ban intentionally: over 1,800 ingredients on our Never List ™

-learn constantly

-share transparently {every single ingredient}

I believe in this public health movement and I am working with people who give a damn about getting safer products into the hands of everyone.

I love that I work with Nurse-Practitioners, researchers, neonatologists, CFO’s SAHM’s, teachers, nurses, and lawyers.

I love that we are using our abilities as everyday activists to make our voices heard.

I love that there is room for everyone at this table.

I’ve saved you a seat, you comin’?

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