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Let’s Talk About Phthalates

What are they?

Phthalates are endocrine-disrupting chemicals that are known to affect human reproduction and development. They are a range of chemicals used to make plastics more flexible.

Phthalates cause congenital reproductive disabilities in laboratory animals, particularly males. They are present in everyday plastic items, including children’s toys. The EU is so concerned about its effect on children’s reproductive systems that they are outright banned.

Guess who hasn’t banned them? The U.S.

Let's Talk About Phthalates

Where do you find them?

This list is by no means exhaustive:

-Some nail polish -Hair sprays

-Air fresheners




-Insect repellent

-Laundry detergent


-Vinyl flooring


-Shower curtains

-Wire cable coating

-Plastic toys

-Car’s steering wheels, dashboards, and gearshift.

-That “new car” smell that we all love

-Some medical devices

-Most plastic sex toys

-Food and water

-Almost anything fragranced

Let's Talk About Phthalates

Many times, phthalates on ingredient labels under the term “fragrance.”

Why are they a problem?

Cells die in our bodies every single day. This chemical activates a reaction that kills cells prematurely, especially in the male reproductive system. Yikes!

Phthalates are known as Endocrine Disruptors that are thought to mimic and displace hormones and interrupt their production.

The low down on Fragrances:

Although the word fragrance looks like a straightforward ingredient on the label, it’s more likely a blend of many ingredients, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

The ADA also says that about 5,000 fragrance molecules are used in heavy rotation. Since fragrances are considered proprietary information, they are not required to list them on the ingredients label.

Ways to Avoid Phthalates

  1. Avoid plastic: Go with glass whenever possible.
  2. Runaway from Fragrances
  3. Eat organic as much as possible
  4. Invest in a granular carbon activated water filter like this one:
  5. Make your own cleaning products
  6. Off gas new home decor items outside or in your garage

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