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GOOD! You’re my people. 

I’ve done the homework, tried all the things, and am ready to spill on how to begin — or deepen — your wellness journey.

On information overload?
Looking for a simple way forward to healthier living?
Wanting a trusted source that will direct you toward wise ways to spend your money?

are you...

Where do you start? What CAN you use? Who can you trust? 

Starting the low-tox life can feel overwhelming at first.

So I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s (IIN) Holistic Wellness program and became a certified coach. 

After working as a certified K-12 educator with a Master’s degree in Elementary Education and Literacy for 13 years, I loved the idea of being able to continue teaching about my biggest passions … 

Plant-based eating
Clean beauty
Personal care and home products you can trust
Representation for BIPOC
Mindfulness and mental health wellness 

Now I get to use my years as an educator and guide to give people practical and tangible steps to live more healthy and holistic lives. 

My own health journey started when I began moving around the world as a military spouse and exploring a plant-based lifestyle. I loved what I was learning, but realized there was SO much more to know. 

I have been in your shoes.

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I help women who value clean beauty, health, and wellness learn how to live a clean lifestyle so they can provide a healthier, low-tox environment for their families

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I want to apologize to my friends, family, + colleagues for years of smelling me while I played the natural deodorant dating game. I’m sorry. I know there were some “intense” moments in there, but you hung with me + I finally figured it out.   Clean Deodorant- I have found my ride or die […]

Jan 12, 2021

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Do you celebrate Kwanzaa? Do you know what it is? Do you know where to find the best information about getting started? Well, if you answered no to any of those questions, then you are my people. Listen, I am with you. I know what Kwanzaa is, and I generally know how it’s celebrated, but […]

Dec 26, 2020

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I freely admit it; I am one of those people who are obnoxious about Hamilton. I’ve seen it four times {annoying}, I have met cast members {even more annoying}, and I attended an amateur Hamilton sing-a-long at George Washington’s Mount Vernon {ridiculously annoying}.   I feel pretty strongly about the Greatest Showman as well. It’s […]

Dec 16, 2020

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Here is my weekly round-up of finds. Anyone who knows me knows I have been a die-hard West Elm lover. West Elm is owned by Williams Sonoma, which includes all of the Pottery Barn brands {fun fact, I used to do displays for Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma}. One of the changes I’ve been pleased […]

Dec 14, 2020

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Recently, I had the opportunity to speak for a group of people back home in Seattle. I was so surprised to be asked, and to be honest, a bit nervous. I spent a decade and a half teaching 5-7-year-olds how to count and read through the most animated methods. Speaking to adults is a little […]

Dec 13, 2020

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